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Compilation of Documents

By far the most time consuming component in mobilisation time at site is the processing and resolution of plant documents. To factor for this, Consolidated Plant Services offers a standard “Plant Pack” which


  •  A plant risk assessment (PRA)
  • A safe work method statement (SWMS)
  • A fire extinguisher chart
  • Site specific documents (lockout, refuelling, environmental procedures etc)

Should a contractor fall short on any item, Consolidated Plant Services offers its own standard PRA and SWMS templates that include specifics such as sound measurements (actually taken – not OEM specs), conditional registration obligations, hazardous materials, SDSs and RMS G22 compliance.

We can also tailor service sheets for machine specific maintenance, to ensure you have the required amount of detail needed for submitting your maintenance history.

Our online register makes pulling on these documents a simple process, allowing our clients the opportunity to keep up-to-date when it comes to new site mobilisation. Consolidated Plant Services can also forward, liaise, and resolve any documental issues.

Plant packs are available as a hard copy, and are designed for toughness. Documents are printed on waterproof paper and sorted in a tough, non-intrusive folder. We can also fit non-intrusive holders to machines that do not have enclosed cabs, ensuring that they do not get wet and lost.