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Ben Horstmann


Start doing for the sake of doing, don't plan it too much. Jump in balls deep and make mistakes. The lessons learnt will put you far in front of the mistakes you made.

Originally from Adelaide, with 18 years of experience in mining and construction across the globe, Ben founded CP in June 2016 to solve a glaring gap he saw in the market.

‘Growing up in Adelaide, my father was a mechanic and had his own successful dry hire Earthmoving business. As a kid I watched as him and his mates as they were slowly drowned and pushed out of the industry because of the increasing burden of paperwork and compliance. It was devastating to watch these champions of the industry pushed out because they lacked a skill in something that had nothing to do with moving dirt.’

This background stuck in his mind as Ben embarked on his own carrier as a mechanic following in the footsteps of his father.

‘As I moved through my career I saw the same thing over and over again, it was highlighted once again when I was working as the plant manager at Lendlease, there were all these guys that we really wanted on the project, but because they didn’t have their paperwork and compliance issues in order, we just couldn’t get them on. I remember back then, just wishing there was someone I could send them to get all their compliance issues sorted and there just wasn’t’.

And so Consolidated Plant Services was born.

‘My focus is always on leading our team to innovate, systemise and problem solve industry pain points. I get a lot of joy particularly around systemising points that people see no way of systemising’

‘I love being up before the sun, meeting people in the industry across cultures and listening to their stories and how they have overcome their challenges – it gives me a great deal of inspiration.’

Outside of work can find Ben 5,000 feet in the air flying his plane, cooking, or spending time with his partner and friends.

Michael Roccheccioli aka ‘Rocky’

Plant Inspector/Mechanic

Don’t let fear and ability hold you back

After over 2 years working with CP and more than 18 years of experience in the industry ‘Rocky’ really knows his stuff. 

‘My job is everything from mechanical inspections to mechanical repairs and everything in between. The best thing working at CP is that everyday is different, because we solve such a huge range of problems. I think the most common question I get from a customer is ‘you can do that?’, I guess customers are often surprised because they are not really used to businesses that really go the extra mile’. – Rocky

Outside of work Rocky can be found at the gym or working on his classic car. He also enjoys watching AFL and NRL barricing for the West Coast Eagles and Melbourne Storms respectively.

Tristan Cameron

Plant Inspector/Mechanic

Do it once, do it right!

With over 17 years in the industry, a year and a half working with CP, Tristan prides himself in being able to come up with solutions to customer problems by thinking outside of the box.

‘My job focuses on Inspecting machinery/equipment and attachments for a multitude of purposes such as major project onboarding and compliance, governing body compliance, Risk Assessments, Earthmoving equipment lift charts, Pre-purchase inspections, Routine/periodic inspections of EWP’s, cranes and telehandlers and more. As well as repairs and servicing of earthmoving equipment, cranes, telehandlers, EWP’s, generators and light vehicles and others’

Unusually as a Mechanic Tristan knows a thing or two about computers, and outside of work hours blasting past trees at 200kph in rally cars!

Diana Samson

Office Manager

Coffee makes everything better.

With two years experience in the construction industry, and a few months with us Diana is the newest member of our CP team. 

‘My job is a mix bag of things from supporting the Director and developing work processes to designing reports and producing invoices. I love working with our team we have a lot of fun together, my best memory was when we brought out little people (kids) to work one Saturday’

Originally from Canberra Diana’s favourite pastimes include snowboarding and travelling.

Steve Painter

plant smart founder

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

With ten years working in and around technology and innovative businesses, Steve is passionate about creating innovative technology solutions and developing strategies to grow businesses. 

Steve has spent the last three years collaborating with the Consolidated Plant Services Pty Ltd team, to understand the construction industry in order to develop and build the Plant Smart Platform.

‘Generally speaking, my day consists of everything from leading our highly skilled, innovative development team, to assisting in sales and business development.’

When asked what he most likes about his job Steve explains ‘I get a huge amount of inspiration from being a part of a team that is building something that will disrupt a whole industry, and challenge the status quo. – That’s what we’re doing.’

In his free time Steve loves spending time with his wife and son ‘they help keep me on track and live a values based life.’ He also loves pushing myself physically, whether it being powerlifting, boxing, rowing etc. ‘I find it meditative and helps me recharge mentally.’

Michelle Summers

plant smart founder - design queen

Make it simple. Make it beautiful.

With 3 years working on software for the construction industry, and over 10 years experience in IT, focusing predominantly on UX/UI design Michelle is passionate about creating beautiful, easy to use, intuitive solutions for the construction industry. 

‘I’m primarily focused on designing and developing the Plant Smart platform, that will revolutionise how the construction industry works.’

‘The amazing thing about working with the Consolidated Plant Services team is the openness to look at problems from different perspectives. Seeing how we can best solve problems in the construction industry, not only by using technology and intuitive design, but also, by reengineering processes and procedures.’ 

In her free time Michelle can be found knee deep in fabric and thread sewing, or playing with her son at the park. 

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