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Plant Inspections

Pre-mobilisation inspections

Using industry knowledge we can benefit small owners/operators by inspecting their equipment prior to mobilisation. The benefit of this is to ensure a minimum of mobilisation downtime upon site arrival. Should a vehicle require maintenance to bring it up to standard, we carry most items onboard our service vehicle to service it there and then.

Onsite inspections

We understand that many sites are too small to hire a dedicated inspector. With this in mind, Consolidated Plant Services can coordinate inspections with contractors or nominate a window where we can inspect your arriving equipment. If plant is not up to standard, we carry item parts required to immediately meet mobilisation requirements.

Off site inspections

Plant can be assessed against Consolidated Plant Services criteria (all applicable AS, Federal Legislation & Work Cover) & current site standards on location. All associated compliance documents will be filed and sent with recommendation to the construction contractor. Should any issues be found, the subcontractor has time to resolve it prior to arriving at site. Once on site, a quick check will see plant ready for use.

Plant condition inspections

Consolidated Plant Services can inspect machinery for pre-purchase or pre-advertising and can provide you with a non-biased, factual report of condition including any fundamental hazards. Using extensive machinery knowledge, we can compare results against similar machinery and identify any significant details that may indicate a developing fault. Condition monitoring also allows maintenance to be scheduled, or other actions to be taken to prevent failure and avoid its consequences.