easiest solution to plant due diligence

Our understanding of what underpins standards and project requirements means that we can make the best decision even when the problem doesn’t fit into an easily definable box.

The Easiest Solution To Plant Due Diligence.

Our comprehensive understanding of all Plant, financial realities of running Plant, the legal framework, standards and practices, and an understanding of what is required for different projects mean we always get the job done right, on time within your time frames and without the cost blow out of achieving high compliance.

Consistently compliant, reliable and ultimately hassle free plant on your project.

Demonstrate significant reductions in plant related incidents.

Hassle FREE Plant

With CP you can be sure that the Plant is going to be hassle free!

Ensuring Plant keeps moving on site and is drama free is critical for everyone involved, but making sure that happens is often not straightforward. Ensuring Plant arrives at site compliant with compliance, and is reliability maintained through its time onsite – even on the most time critical of programs

Our deep understanding about all things Plant and equipment, from the financial realities of running Plant, the legal framework, standards and practices, and an understanding of what is required for different projects mean our guys know what they are doing.

We always start with the outcome in mind and we understand that for Major Porjects this outcome is for the project to be completed safely and on budget. This is the basis of how we make decisions – we balance compliance with risk and cross check with rules, regulations, codes and your internal requirements.

manage plant safety effectively

We make sure we dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’, so you never have to get a call about a safety incident – period.

Whether it’s someone you know or a stranger no one ever wants to receive a call about harm being caused to another person.

Ensuring safety is about understanding and balancing risks, the reason we are the BEST at this is because we have a detailed understanding of what the risks are for any particular Plant doing a particular job, under specific circumstances and the likelihood of the situation arising.

It’s the kind of understanding you can only get from true experts in the field – and that’s what we are!


You get charged on the outcome – not the time spent!

We pride ourselves on getting the job done, and done right! This puts the onus on us to be as efficient as possible! Additionally it pushes us to innovate, have effective time management and ultimately hold ourselves to the same constraints we are helping your project on.

We are do a wide range of inspections: RMS G22 Preliminary Inspections, Project Pre-Acceptance Inspections,
Pre-Purchase Inspections, On / Off Hire Inspections, High Risk Routine & Periodic Inspections.

Our Risk Assessment process will have you covered, its not just a piece of paper but a partnership and a guarantee.

Lifting Compliance Verification for Earthmoving Plant. If you own an excavator and plan on using it to lift freely suspended loads, you must adhere to very specific conditions to maintain your duty of care. As the only time an excavator can lift freely suspended loads is when it is safer to do so than a crane.

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