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Your BOLT ON Plant Team.

Imagine having your very own Plant Department that you could rely on 100% to keep you plant mission ready everyday – that’s us, your BOLT ON PLANT DEPARTMENT, at affordable rates where charging is PERFORMANCE BASED.

Grow your business

Imagine if when any project considers your Plant they were be absolutely sure that your Plant is both Safe and Reliable.

If they KNEW that using YOUR Plant meant they were not going to have any delays due to breakdowns or in a worst case scenario someone getting hurt because the Plant was not properly maintained.

What if in addition to all this, your Plant documentation and due diligence was perpetually ready to go!

We both know that Projects would value your service! Ultimately leading to them using you more and more. And guess what, when your Plant is easy to get on site for them, the word spreads, ultimately leading to more business for YOU.

At the end of the day our goal is that your Plant is completely booked out, because Projects know they can rely on it!

your plant site ready - always!

Having your Plant site ready at all times, is crucial to building and maintaining business. But we all know that having your Plant ready to go at all times is not easy, keeping track of all documentation, understanding the requirements of different sites and ensuring your Plant is compliant, safe and reliable is a huge task.

So, let us do it for you!

We know what is required to ensure your Plant is ready to go when needed because this is our area of expertise. Let us make sure that when opportunity knocks, your gear is ready!

pay as you go!

If we can’t make it happen - you don’t get charged!

We pride ourselves on getting the job done, and done right!

We understand that every second Plant is not working is costing money so we make sure the job is done in the most efficient and timely manner while still maintaining the highest compliance standards.

We are do a wide range of inspections: RMS G22 Preliminary Inspections, Project Pre-Acceptance Inspections,
Pre-Purchase Inspections, On / Off Hire Inspections, High Risk Routine & Periodic Inspections.

Our Risk Assessment process will have you covered, its not just a piece of paper but a partnership and a guarantee.

Lifting Compliance Verification for Earthmoving Plant. If you own an excavator and plan on using it to lift freely suspended loads, you must adhere to very specific conditions to maintain your duty of care. As the only time an excavator can lift freely suspended loads is when it is safer to do so than a crane.

Plant Consulting! We can solve any Plant related problems! Just Ask Us!

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