The most common question I get from a customer is ‘You can do that?’,
I guess customers are often surprised because they are not really used to businesses that
really go the extra mile’. - Rocky, CP Plant Inspector/Mechanic.

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We build your Reputation

Safety + Reliability = REPUTATION

Whether you are a Project or a Subcontractor your reputation is built from two components:

How SAFE you are and how RELIABLE you are!

Our focus is always to build YOUR reputation at every step of the way, this means we are constantly focused on Safety and Reliability.

Reputation is ultimately what we strive for and what gets us up in the mornings; the reputation to be the best in our respective fields. To be the best we need to make sure we are both Safe and Reliable.

Safety is the reason we go home at night – its what binds teams together. We make sure we dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ so you don’t have to worry about getting the call of something gone wrong

Reliability is doing what we say we are going to do – making sure Plant turns up and does its job for you customer with absolutely no hassles.


The Easiest Solution To Plant Due Diligence.

Our comprehensive understanding of all Plant, financial realities of running Plant, the legal framework, standards and practices, and an understanding of what is required for different projects mean we always get the job done right, on time within your time frames and without the cost blow out of achieving high compliance.

Consistently compliant, reliable and ultimately hassle free plant on your project.

Demonstrate significant reductions in plant related incidents.

Plant Owners

Your BOLT ON Plant Team.

Imagine having your very own plant department that you could rely on 100% to keep you plant mission ready everyday – that’s us, your BOLT ON PLANT DEPARTMENT, at affordable rates where charging is PERFORMANCE BASED.

how it works

It doesn’t matter if you’re an owner operator or a multi-national oil company, we look after your plant from before it was even purchased through its best days until its disposal.

We manage and facilitate all phases of the plant life cycle from compliance, preventative (and soon predictive) maintenance to modification; navigating what you can and cant do to look good in front of YOUR customers while ultimately ensuring your duty of care.

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We are do a wide range of inspections: RMS G22 Preliminary Inspections, Project Pre-Acceptance Inspections,
Pre-Purchase Inspections, On / Off Hire Inspections, High Risk Routine & Periodic Inspections.

Our Risk Assessment process will have you covered, its not just a piece of paper but a partnership and a guarantee.

Lifting Compliance Verification for Earthmoving Plant. If you own an excavator and plan on using it to lift freely suspended loads, you must adhere to very specific conditions to maintain your duty of care. As the only time an excavator can lift freely suspended loads is when it is safer to do so than a crane.

Plant Consulting! We can solve any Plant related problems! Just Ask Us!

Relied Upon By Tier One Projects.

Over the last four years we have been increasingly relied upon by tier one projects from the level crossing removal projects in Melbourne through to earthquake recovery projects in PNG, and many more! because they know we understand how to satisfy all their compliance requirements. We are also relied upon by our customers to get their gear on site – and we do!

Our Clients

why we care

At CPS we are dedicated to helping you grow your business by getting your plant and equipment on site moving dirt and lifting loads. We are there to build your reputation in the industry by making sure that your Plant is always without drama and reliable on site.

‘Growing up in Adelaide, my father was a mechanic and had his own successful dry hire Earthmoving business’ Explains founder Ben Horstmann.
‘As a kid I watched as my father and his mates were slowly drowned and pushed out of the industry because of the increasing burden of paperwork and compliance, it was devastating to watch these champions of the industry pushed out because they lacked a skill in something that had nothing to do with moving dirt’…

Consolidated Plant Services In Action

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We're business as usual during COVID-19. We’re working hard to keep your business operational and as safe as possible.